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  • Yampiz Search provides a quick and simple search environment, combined with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia search engine and knowledge base, you can quickly switch between different search engines, without to open another search engine, Actually, Yampiz Search will automatically filter out spam informations, search results redouble clean.
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  • Yampiz Shortcut collected all kinds of popular high-quality sites link. You no longer need through a search, you can quickly link. You can also create your own bookmarks in the My-Favoite. Even better! You can use these bookmarksby Login Yampiz in different computers, mobile internet devices directly.
  • Through Bookmarks settings, you can choice interested bookmarks and simplify the bookmark item to conform to their own habits, and also make your Yampiz portal page more convenient and simple. If you got a quality website but not included in the Yampiz Bookmark. Please Recommend to us, The site administrator will decide whether to be included in the the Yampiz share bookmarks.

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Heyxu development log 2016

Heyxu development log 2016

201612 更新日志 1 商品特徵類別新增主體材質及色系讓搜尋機制更加精準。 2 商品分類中增加 SID 用以網址關連,提升關鍵字關連性。 3 商家商品類別亦將編碼由亂數改為可設定與網址關連。4 新 ...

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